Our Mission


Since 2011 we’ve been running a conference called Sex, Drugs & Helvetica. Each year, we’ve invited six acclaimed local and international designers to present on a single project from start to finish. We’re doing it again for 2014 and hope to keep doing so for several years to come.

Engagement. That’s why we do it. We run the conference because we love engaging with the design community. But, at the heart of it all, our primary goal has always been to address real topics – real issues that impact designers and their industry. And now we want to engage with you further. We want to address these issues more often. And we want to bring them to your desktops, your smartphones and your 15” retina screens.

So here we are.

Introducing the Sex, Drugs & Helvetica blog.

As the years have progressed, so have our ideas about design and its relationship to commerce and culture.

People and pages everywhere are posting about design – how it looks, how it feels – but you won’t find that conversation here. Do we care about aesthetics? Of course we do. But we want to explore how design works.

We will talk about design. Posting one article each week on a Wednesday, we will talk about it from every perspective – the designer, the client, the customer – from accountant to courier and everyone in between. We want to explore these connections. We want to start discussions about how to be better at business and survive financially – things that so often dictate the outcome of the work you make or if you’ll even get paid at all. Money is not a dirty word.

Our posts won’t be full of pretty things. They won’t earn homes on your fridges or your Pinterest boards. They won’t be sexy or hip. They will come from the design community – your community. This blog is a resource intended to help you to become a better design professional – to become more informed, more mindful and more engaged.

This is not a design blog. This is a blog for designers.

  • Lisa Hall

    looking forward to reading this each week!